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♥ Sachiji ♥

↓ What's the worst that I can possibly say...? ←

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♫Name: Usagi / kaichan / Sachiji
♫Age: 17
♫Birthday: 1 / 13 / 89
♫likes: Asia, music, art, singing, stars (the shape), nice things, pink, making people happy.
♫Dislikes: mean people, complex things, video games that end too fast, yellow, mean people (again), spicy foods. o--o
♫wants: icecream, a trip to japan, Die, Miyavi, the deed to subway (XD), the rights to a certain band, a new ds, a new video game, and.....Jae xP

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my pet!

Fun With GIR!

Die is love

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I was stamped as hidezou at d_rating

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